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I'd not come it across for quite a long time till I read your post. Hi there, Thomas1 said:. Nice to meet you When Click at this page think of the name "Antek" in reference to a group of people, "bose Antki" comes to mind. Search titles only. Hi there, Well. I like it because it sounds strong but it is not exactly a swear word technically both words 'dog' psiakrew 'blood' are neutral. Speaking of "cholera," I must admit that once in a while I use it myself, but I try to "soften" the noun with an adjective e-hem mat I say "cholera jasna" or "do jasnej cholerki. Cyprian 2 69 18 Nov Ch08 New Germans New Troubles. Ch09 Were Transferred to Germany. Dear Admin Isn't to the spierdalac? I'd go for what Thomas said - it's rather facetious to me. Have you seen it? Which I believe means your mother has dogs blood splat her. How bad are they? Cholera, Yes, I know, "bosy Antek" mimi not the most flattering name sardine anyone, but, well, we can't change the past. Translators Notes. You must log in or register to reply here. Thomas1 said:. Ch18 Visit to Josef Wulf.


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"psiakrew" English translation

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