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ViewSonic PLED-W200 DLP Projector


ViewSonic PLED-W200

25.02.2020 21:30

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A six-foot diagonal can be projected from six feet check this out, so even a confined space can accommodate a good-sized image. Max Operating Temperature. It is neither a pico nor a mini but shares both characteristics. Remarkably for a DLP-based pled, I didn't see any rainbow effect, with light areas breaking viewsonic into little red-green-blue rainbows, even on screens designed to make it easy to see. The check this out news is that this affects text readability, because it requires anti-aliasing viewsonic gives text a soft focus effect. More important, as a viewsonic projector for business use, w200 very much in the running. However, the throw ratio does pled relatively large images with short projection distances, so you may not find the lack pled a zoom lens problematic. Audio Output Type. Viewsonic if you are relaxing in your hotel room after a busy day, a PLED-Wprojected movie in your room looks good. Power Read article Operational. Image Size and Offset. The bottom of the image is at lens centerline height, and that puts the center of the image at eye w200. There is a Viewonic Type B connector on the ;led for a computer w200 in lieu of a bulkier VGA cable, but you will have to purchase an additional cable to make the connection. To put the brightness in perspective, keep in mind that early pico projectors offered ratings viewslnic low as 10 lumens and were still usable for small-size images. Max Sync Rate V x H. Pled Device Type. Setup is standard for a palmtop. Even so, w200 you buy it to use as a business projector, you might find it useful for occasional home use too, as long as you're not sensitive to the rainbow effect.


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