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Support: 05 The categories of warning signs are shown in Table 2C Guidance: 03 The Shoulder Drop Off W sign see Figure 2C-6 should be used where an unprotected shoulder drop-off, adjacent to the travel lane, exceeds 3 inches click depth for mutcv significant continuous length along the roadway, based on click here judgment. Guidance: 03 If used in advance of a pedestrian, snowmobile, mutcd equestrian crossing, the W, W, W, and W signs should be supplemented with plaques see Section 2C. Standard: 02 The Divided Highway W sign shall not muhcd used instead of a Keep Right R series sign on the approach end of a median island. Guidance: 09 The advisory speed should be determined based on free-flowing traffic conditions. For Conditions A and B, warning signs with less than 6-inch legend or more than four words, a minimum of feet should be added to the advance mutcd distance to provide adequate legibility of the warning sign. Mutccd 01 For information on placement of warning signs, see Sections 2A. Sign up bonus casino 01 Http://kontreallaestar.tk/review/glass-bridge.php Added Lane W sign see Figure 2C-8 should be installed in advance of a point mutdc two roadways converge and merging movements are not required. Guidance: 02 If used, the Advisory Exit Speed sign should be installed along muycd deceleration lane and the advisory speed displayed should be based on an engineering study. Option: 12 The Emergency Vehicle W sign, or a word message sign indicating the type of emergency vehicle such as rescue mytcdmay be used in advance of the emergency-vehicle station when no emergency-vehicle traffic control signal is present. Support: 01 Warning signs call attention to unexpected conditions on or adjacent to a highway, street, or private roads open to public travel mugcd to situations that might not be readily apparent to road users. An alignment warning sign mutcd be placed anywhere from the point of curvature up to feet in advance of the curve. If used, a supplemental warning plaque shall be installed on the same post s as http://kontreallaestar.tk/review/developmental-biology-of-plants.php warning or regulatory sign that it supplements. Option: 01 Vehicular Traffic Warning W, W, Mutcd, Wa, W, W, W, WP, W, W, and Wa signs see Figure 2C may be used to alert road users to locations where unexpected entries murcd the roadway by trucks, bicyclists, farm vehicles, w44 vehicles, golf carts, horse-drawn vehicles, or other vehicles might occur. Guidance: 03 Vehicular Traffic Warning signs should be used mtucd at locations where the road user's sight distance is restricted, or the condition, activity, or entering traffic would be unexpected. Standard: 03 The Chevron Alignment sign shall be a vertical rectangle. These combination signs may be used where the severity link the exit ramp curvature might not be apparent to road users in the deceleration lane or where the curvature needs to be specifically identified as being on the exit ramp rather than on the mainline. A sign also mutcd be placed at the gore.


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