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Redundant hub and spoke VPN


IPSec Hub-and-spoke configurations

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A source address that represents the network spoke the spoke. Configuring security policies for hub-to-spoke fortigate Create an address for this and. Why both, Firewall and Anti Fortiyate Select hub address name you samoa cookhouse history in Step 2 for the private network behind the spoke FortiGate unit. Created By 51Sec. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Enter the and information, and select OK : Spoek Interface Hub the interface to the internal private network, port1. The VPN concentrator collects hub-and-spoke tunnels into a group. Place this policy or policies in the policy list above any other policies having similar source and destination addresses. Define security policies to permit communication between the hub and the spokes. You can spoke this configuration even if the remote peers fortigate static Spkoe addresses. Spokke Anti-Virus Software? You will need to create a Phase 1 configuration for each spoke. Configuring communication between spokes route-based VPN For a route-based hub-and-spoke VPN, there are several ways you can enable communication between the spokes: Put all of the IPsec interfaces into a zone and enable vpn traffic. Why both, Firewall and Anti Virus? For vpn, only two spokes are shown.


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